Visiting Nicholasville KY

We recently spent a day in Nicholasville KY exploring, eating, and thrifting. It is a beautiful area near Lexington KY. We arrived in Nicholasville at lunchtime and ate at Red Robin, one of our family’s favorites.

After everyone had full bellies, we decided it was a great time to google “thrift store near me” and we are shocked at how many options we were given. We only got to visit three and we had incredible thrift hauls at each one. At the first one, the best find was a Christmas Star serving dish that was made in England. In the second one, the best item purchased was a bronze bird with a nest sitting on granite. I have never seen anything like this and I ALMOST want to keep it – so we listed it immediately so I don’t get attached. At the last one, my favorite discovery was Tiki-Ray, a vintage tiki coffee mug.

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Thankfully, we love nature and outdoor adventures. If you ever visit Nicholasville KY, make time to visit Camp Nelson. It’s scenic, has great walking trails and plenty to do. Discover a great break from the busyness and enjoy some time at Camp Nelson.

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