The library

We have enjoyed visiting the library since the boys were toddlers. We have attended many story times. Some of them have been successful and sometimes I have been fearful we would get kicked out of the library.

Our sons are now able to enjoy the programs offered by the library. They enjoy selecting interesting nonfiction books as well as laughter inducing fiction books. They still enjoy the toys and play area at the library. They also look forward to computer time and to my surprise, they selected studying the Civil War. They are SIX years old.

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The library is a free resource in nearly every community. Most libraries have programs where you can reserve your product online and conveniently pick it up. This system also allows you to borrow books from affiliated libraries. The resources at our fingertips seem unlimited.

We use the library for educational and entertainment purposes. We always leave with our arms filled with books, magazines, audio books, music, and DVDs. They are all an eclectic mix and an exciting and inexpensive way to explore new genres and learn something different.

I began reading to our sons when they were infants. I remember holding them, rocking them and reading their books to them as well as reading my own books aloud as they fell asleep in my arms. Reading and going to the library is actually a family activity. My husband also reads aloud and we read together as a family. I believe it is so important for the boys to see their daddy reading. It’s a great example to them that reading is necessary and important. I’m so grateful to see that at age six, our sons know they can learn anything and that stories can take them to far away places and on a new adventure.

Another benefit of borrowing items from the library is less accumulation of stuff which helps us stay organized with small home living.

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