Family fun for our racing fan

We have a racing fan in this house because of the Pixar Cars movies. I absolutely love the Cars movies and we have an abundance of Pixar Car toys, however, this little racing fan’s favorite is the Lego building sets where he can build Lightning, Flo’s v8 Cafe and all of the other characters and scenes from Radiator Springs.

This six-year old now tells me he is going to be a race car driver when he grows up and that I can have a ride anytime I want. I have assured him that I will always be his number 1 fan and that I’d love to have a ride in his race car. I’m telling the truth as I will always be supportive of him while secretly, I hope he changes his mind, I’d never let him know that this career idea terrifies me.

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Until now, I have never followed any type of racing. I suddenly find myself reading about racing and looking for family friendly racing events. He recently learned from his grandpa that racing is on television every Sunday. He cannot believe it and if he was given the opportunity, I believe he’d become a couch potato on Sunday to watch racing. The rest of us won’t let that happen as we’re an active family and tv is at the bottom of our things to do. This little guy already wants to attend the Indianapolis 500.

I believe we’re going to start with kart racing. They have racing for ages 4-7 which should be a great experience. I’ll write again and add pictures after we do this thrilling racing event for our little guy!

Racing is a part of my life, at least for this season. I even started looking at racing themes for his upcoming birthday celebration. I’m going to have fun being creative and finding the perfect items to pull off a racing themed birthday celebration. Watch for a future post about our great finds for a racing themed birthday party.

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